A Plant Food Book For Every Kitchen

You will love the new Plant Food Book by Matthew Kenney. The award-winning team, led by chef/owner Aaron Rosen, has always been on the front lines of creative culinary innovation. This new cookbook guides you through the newest methods and techniques to cooking raw food in an artistic, modern way using only the best ingredients. It shows you how to combine vegetables, fruits, and herbs in new and exciting ways that will tantalize your taste buds while keeping them healthy. What a fantastic book!

plant food book

In his witty and wonderful book, Matthew Kenney tackles serious issues regarding raw food enthusiasts and vegans alike. To start, he addresses the issue of waste and why it is so important not to throw away food. In this book you will learn how to use everything in moderation and avoid overusing any spice or nutmeg. You will be enlightened about the real purpose behind steaming vegetables as well as why you should never season bread with olive oil. He also addresses common misconceptions about nuts and how you can easily use them without creating extra calories or using excessive salt.

Next, he takes on the controversial topic of eating raw and fresh vegetables. He challenges us to “recycle” food as often as possible instead of discarding it immediately into our trash bins. This book not only promotes recycling but gives smart recipes to boot. There are over 60 recipes that will have your family eating delicious food all year around. If you are a newbie cook, you will learn how to make mouth watering dishes in no time.

Eating more often will help you control your food cravings and will keep you healthy. This cookbook even has a bonus chapter dedicated to eliminating junk food cravings. It is no surprise that this book is so popular since it takes a no-nonsense approach to proper food serving and cooking. The recipes within this practical guide will help you change your perspective towards food. You will be amazed at the different varieties of raw vegetables you will taste once you get started using the recipes.

The Vegetable Health Books by Liz Wolfe is an outstanding resource for anyone who wants to eat healthier and cook delicious meals. In this easy to read book you will get step-by-step directions and sample menus for over 100 different cuisines. There are no cooking rules in this book so you can choose to learn new techniques as you go along. You will get a variety of delicious recipes for salads, soups, pasta, dips, desserts and more. You will have fun reading and cooking your way through this comprehensive guide.

The Vegetable Health Books by Liz Wolfe is a great reference for anyone serious about their health. Even if you just want to add vegetables to your diet, this cookbook has enough recipes for you to try. The book contains easy-to-read sections on nutrition, history and techniques of eating healthy, foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and much more. You will love all the healthy recipes you will find in this helpful cookbook.

The Great Vegetarian Meal Planner by Michael and Mary Eades is an excellent resource for any vegans or vegetarians. This is a handy little book that has helped me organize my food shopping around what I need for my meals and how much each vegetable costs. It has helped me save money and spend less time at the grocery store. It’s a great “how to” manual for people who like to cook and are looking for tried and true ways to make healthy vegetarian meals.

If you are looking for a healthy and cost effective way to eat more healthfully this book is for you. Its recipes and money saving tips will help you get started eating more fresh foods and spend less money at the grocery store. This easy to read eBook will get you started to eat healthier while helping you achieve your weight loss goals. If you’re ready to change the way you eat and start living a healthier life this is the right book for you. Stop wasting time and start eating better.

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