Easy Dinner Recipes – Indian Vegetarian Foods

easy dinner recipes indian vegetarian

Easy Dinner Recipes – Indian Vegetarian Foods

Vegetarian and easy dinner recipes in Indian cuisine are not a new concept. On the contrary, these traditional recipes have been passed down from one generation to another in the same family in many ways. The same food is cooked in a different way in each family, and one example of this is the use of spices in Indian cooking. Although there are many methods to make these recipes, here are some of the most popular Indian vegetarian recipes that you can try at home.

Samosas are one of the popular Indian vegetarian recipes that people love to make at home. There are many easy dinner recipes Indian vegetarian recipes that include this favorite appetizer recipe. The ingredients used in making a Samosa recipe vary depending on what kind of vegetables are commonly found in your local Indian community, but generally includes rice, curry leaves, fried onions, grated coconut meat, and spicy sauces.

Another vegetarian favorite is the much-loved paratha. This dish also comes in several variants, one of which is the traditional Indian preparation with wheat flour and turmeric powder. You can either make the paratha the traditional way or you can make it the easy way by substituting wheat flour for potato starch or chickpea flour. The base of the paratha is made by cooking the dry ingredients like onions, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander powder, dry mustard seeds, and salt in hot oil till they begin to stick together. Then add dry red chili powder, chilies, and salt, and mix them well together.

You can also make some easy dinner recipes Indian vegetarian with the help of some ready-made or fresh Indian vegetable mixes. If you are using vegetables that do not stick easily, then you can just add some vegetables instead of the dry ingredients. For instance, you can use tomato, pumpkin, cauliflower, or carrot to make your own vegetable dough. Use vegetable or choppy salad leaves, to make the filling for your kneading paratha.

Indian vegetarian cooking includes many other interesting recipes, including the famous Baba Ganouj, Baba Tandoori, and Carrot Halwa. These recipes make use of the popular preparation called Baba Ganouj, a simple wheat flour crepe, and a variety of delicious spices like cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, cloves, and curry leaves. Filling these crepes with a creamy mixture of milk and yoghurt and then cooking them slowly in a pan till they start steaming is what makes the Baba Ganouj a truly delightful treat.

One of the most famous vegetarian recipes in Indian cuisine is the Indian version of the tasty and very healthy Vada Pav from Pista Pav, also known as split bread. The main ingredient in this recipe is gram flour. You will also have to include onions, green chilies, coriander seeds, and cumin in equal measures. All this is mixed with water and cooked on a stove until the dry ingredients are completely cooked. The rice is then folded into the center and cooked with the spices and left to cool. Once this is done, it is folded into another round of bread to make the data Pav.

The Indian vegetarian meals mentioned earlier are all made using rice. In fact the major meat-based meal in the Indian diet is the chapatti. The term chapatti comes from two words, “chap” meaning bread, and “tarti” meaning sauce. This type of meal can be used for starters, curries, side dishes, and even desserts. Any vegetarian meal can be spiced up with the use of spices like turmeric, red chili, coriander powder, and cardamom to give it a little kick.

With easy dinner recipes Indian vegetarian food does not have to be boring. There are hundreds of different recipes to pick from if you do your research. You can make your favorite South Indian meals or create your own take on Chinese, French, or Portuguese dishes. Try out some new vegetarian recipes today and surprise your family with something they will never expect. Bon appetite!