Real Simple Cookbook by Jillian Michaels – A Book Review

Real Simple Magazine and Cookery Blog are the leading resources for beginning cooks. The authors of the book have interviewed hundreds of chefs and food experts. They provide cooking advice both on how to prepare a meal and also on how to shop for the ingredients that will make up the meal. The authors explain the ingredients’ uses and provide nutritional information about them. In addition, they provide a shopping guide, which has an explanation of many of the product names. The book is jam packed with practical kitchen tips.

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The cookbook includes seventy-six recipes in all. It is divided into seasonal categories. Each of these has a theme, such as fruits, vegetables, appetizers, main dishes, and side dishes. Cooks have a wide variety of recipes to choose from, and they can use the book’s index cards to find easy-to-make recipes. Some of the recipes, such as chocolate fudge cake and red velvet cake, are so delicious that my kids’ friends thought they were at a fancy gala party when I made them.

The book contains helpful sections on selecting ingredients, preparing the recipe, cooking methods, and selecting serving sizes. Other sections include easy to follow instructions, shopping lists, spice and seasoning suggestions, popular techniques, and quick recipe downloads. There is even a money back guarantee, to assure you that the eBook is legitimate. The real Simple is much more than a cookbook however.

Amazon’s “Learn How To” section is divided into six parts and offers over forty easy to follow audio downloads. This section has no graphics or pictures, but there are explanations of each step, including historical examples. There are also discussions of various ingredients, such as nutritional facts for common foods. My daughter absolutely adores the lessons on how to bake cupcakes, and the section on selecting cookies and frosting is fascinating. Amazon also provides links to websites where you can purchase additional cookbooks, equipment, and recipes.

One thing I really like about this real simple cookbook is that it serves as both a cookbook and a gardening book. There are suggestions for growing vegetables, designing your own vegetable garden, and creating delicious meals. I especially enjoyed the planting sections, and the way each step is illustrated with realistic plants. There are also several different color photographs depicting each plant. I especially like the way the photographs are mixed and matched to create the plants in the color combination that is suggested.

Along with these delicious recipes, Amazon also offers many other helpful tools. There is an adorable cutlery set with plates for each member of the family, and there are sterling silver spoons for serving tea and coffee. There is also a photo of a sheep that the book’s characters can make a craft out of. There are numerous lists of household items and supplies, and there are lists of handyman and garage sale items that are sure to come in handy.

This book is not only a great buy for anyone who is a fan of cooking and creating simple meals, but also for anyone who has always wanted to try their hand at it but never got around to doing so. If you are looking for something to help jump start your kitchen or spice things up, then this book will certainly do the trick. The recipes in the book are delicious and very easy to make. The book contains close-up pictures of the items mentioned and they come in various sizes. It is very easy to read and hard to put down.

The best part about this real simple cookbook is that it comes in three books. The first book has recipes throughout the whole year, and there are plenty of “how to” videos that provide help when cooking. There are also several bonus pages that provide alternative cooking techniques for many common dishes. And finally, there are twenty Christmas themed pages that are filled with all sorts of practical and fun gift ideas for everyone on your list. As you can see, Amazon really does offer one of the best deals on these books!