Review of the Slow Carb Diet Cookbook Volume Two

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Review of the Slow Carb Diet Cookbook Volume Two

A slow carb cookbook can help you lose weight if you follow the plan on the cover. It says you can eat meats and vegetables in moderation. But some of these books suggest you should count all the calories, and some even suggest you should substitute one type of food for another. What is the difference between these two types of dieting?

The book that suggests you should count all the calories is called “The Slow Carb Cookbook”. It is written by Lisa Nichols, a nutritionist. The book suggests that eating slow in a slow carb cookbook can give you the nutrition you need to get a lean body, without sacrificing the fat loss. She claims to have been doing this for years. According to the 4 hour body program, you should follow a slow carb diet every day. It is recommended you eat four hours before bedtime, and it should be breakfast.

The first meal is supposed to be a high protein meal. This could be a chicken breast or beef. The idea is to slow down your metabolism for the meal so you do not need to eat as much. By drinking a gallon of milk, which has twenty grams of protein, you can eat four pounds of meat and sixteen ounces of milk in thirty minutes.

Another meal suggested in the book is to eat a pound of rice with a half a cup of skim milk in one-fourth cup of water. You do not need to eat all of the rice at one time. Just eat the amount suggested on the carbohydrate food list. Drink one-fourth cup of water with the meal. You do not have to use a blender. Just mix the two together.

According to the “The 4 hour body” program, there are six meals and six snacks. The suggested food choices for each meal are chicken breast or fish, one cup of skim milk or one-fourth cup of juice, and a glass of skim milk or juice. You can use the “30 minutes on the side” suggestion in the Tim Ferriss Slow Carb Cookbook to make a snack.

In the thirty minutes on the side section, you can eat a grapefruit and add cherries and oranges. You can drink orange juice or a glass of orange juice and eat an apple. You can also eat a celery stick and add green onions and olives in this last meal of the day.

On volume 2 of the Slow Carb Diet eBook, there is a recipe called Chicken Biscuit. This recipe requires you to replace three tablespoons of fat in the biscuits with skim milk and cream cheese. You will be replacing one third of your regular calorie intake in this meal by using this recipe.

On the concluding day of your diet, you should eat a salad. The suggested salad is mixed with romaine lettuce, reduced-fat dressing, and tomato. You should have about two cups of this salad. In conclusion, the contents of the slow carb diet cookbook volume two are very useful to you if you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight. This program does what it says on the tin.

This cookbook is not expensive. The price tag is reasonable for what it offers. If you cannot afford to buy this Slow Carb Diet Cookbook Volume Two, try looking for the free diet meal plans found throughout the internet. The free meal plans will give you a good alternative to the expensive Slow Carb Diet Cookbook.

The last thing I want to cover in my review for the slow carb diet cookbook volume two is that this book will make it easy for you to lose weight or maintain your current weight. It contains recipes that are easy to follow. The recipes do not require you to measure anything. You do not have to worry about measuring the ingredients either. There are no “short cuts” in this cookbook.

This cookbook has helped me lose over twenty pounds. I have to admit though that it took some time to reach my desired weight. Because of this, I am able to eat my favorite foods and enjoy them. I know now that by eating healthy foods and counting calories, I can live a long and healthy life. I just love the way I look and feel.