The Dieter’s Guide to the Dieters’ Cookbook by Dana Carpender

The new Atkins Diet comes with a cookbook called “Dana Carpender’s Low Carb Kitchen.” I’ve had some comments on the cookbook from other dieters. Some say that the recipes are too basic and don’t offer many secrets. Some say the book will give you more recipes than you’ll ever use. I agree that some of the recipes are boring and not very practical, but I also think the book has some great ideas.

The author of this cookbook, Dr. Maya Lipman, knows her audience and is clear in describing her approach to low carb diets. She gives sufficient examples of common foods that are on the list of foods that are lower in carbohydrates and calories, yet can still pack a flavorful punch. Many recipes show you how to use ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Most people love recipes that have a healthy balance of taste, but also have a quick cooking time.

What’s great about the cookbook is that it includes some interesting “quick fix” recipes – breakfast items that are great for you if you tend to “bulk up” later in the day. For example, one breakfast item in the cookbook is oatmeal with fresh fruit. This morning breakfast was served cold, but my friend enjoyed it warm! Another recipe in the book includes tuna with bell peppers and onions. If you’re used to eating lots of tuna and white fish, these recipes should fit right in with your eating plan.

The author shows through her writing that she understands the dilemma faced by dieters who need to lose weight but just don’t want to go through the long process of dieting and exercising. That’s why she includes plenty of ideas for enjoyable meals that you can eat while on the Atkins diet. One snack she suggests is raw vegetables. The good news is that this meal has just 12 calories – which really impressed me since I’m used to eating high-calorie veggies at every meal!

The cookbook offers many interesting recipes. Among them are shrimp cocktail sauce, beef stew with carrots, and macaroni and cheese. These recipes are not the boring, low-carbohydrate alternatives commonly found in cookbooks aimed at dieters. In fact, the author introduces several vegetables you may have never cooked with before such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and cabbage. There’s even an alternative seafood recipe with smoked salmon that will appeal to seafood lovers.

Of course, all these recipes can be used for other types of weight loss diets, too. In addition to using the cookbook for Atkins cookbooks, this cookbook could easily be used for other low carbohydrate diets. For example, if you are trying to shed pounds, you can also use the recipes in this cookbook to cook a meal that satisfies your taste buds without loading you up with unwanted carbohydrates. It’s also great for people who are on a liquid diet because there are no sugar alternatives in this cookbook. Carbs or sugars?

Other than satisfying your taste buds, you’ll be happy to know that the cookbook offers you plenty of great advice for cooking meals that are healthy and really nutritious. The author clearly knows how to choose her foods and does not skimp on ingredients. For example, she recommends using olive oil when sauteing or making vegetable dishes. As a matter of fact, the author suggests using olive oil as a base for a variety of sauces and side dishes throughout the entire weight loss program.

If you are interested in losing weight and staying in shape, you should definitely read this cookbook. While it may not shed a lot of pounds quickly, you will be amazed at how easy it is to lose weight when you use the suggestions the author makes in this easy to follow diet. You’ll enjoy delicious meals and feel great as you get your healthy diet on track. Good luck with your weight loss!