Three Different Plant Based Books You Must Read Before You Die!

There are many good books on plant-based foods that you should definitely consider reading. They cover a wide variety of topics and provide some very good information about the importance of plant based foods to our health and well-being. These types of books have taken the nutrition information that we already know and made it understandable in an easy to understand way. They give us new information that we need to know in order to help improve our health and the lives of our animals. They are much better than all of the “health foods” that we see advertised on TV and in magazines because they are 100% safe and actually promote good health.

plant based books

Most of the best plant based books were written by actual scientists and physicians that took their profession very seriously. Some of these authors have over forty years of experience in the medical field. They have discovered what works and what does not work. They write about the findings that they have developed through their own research and trial and error.

What you will find in these great books is that there are many plant based foods that can help us reach our weight loss goals. For instance, if you are overweight you will want to eat more fruits and vegetables. If you are suffering from diabetes, you will want to include more whole grains, beans and lentils in your diet. All of these help to bring our bodies into balance and help us feel better while we are eating.

The following three books that I recommend are by Dr. Joel Marion, Dr. David A. Williams and T. Colin Campbell. Each of these books has tons of information that I had never heard before. They discuss all kinds of topics such as how to lose weight, including why you should not have to live on a boring diet. They also go into great detail about the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet. The diet books also explain how important it is to exercise regularly and how important it is to get regular sleep.

Dr. Joel Marion’s The China Study is probably the most popular of the books that I am going to recommend. This book discusses the relationship between heart disease and the diets that people follow around the world. It also discusses the problems that people have with their cholesterol levels when they eat the wrong types of foods. Dr. Marion did a great job of breaking down this information and showing how his book can benefit you and your loved ones.

Another of my favorite books is called The China Study by Joel fuhrman. This book discusses how the western diet is responsible for the increase of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Dr. Fuhrman does an amazing job of telling the story and explaining why you need to change your diet to avoid these diseases. I especially like the chapter that talks about how he changed his diet from a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle to a meat-and-potatoes diet. I personally made a big switch once I read this book and now have a much healthier diet that I enjoy every day.

The last of the diet books we are going to discuss here is called Toxic Hunger. This book discusses the way our modern diets cause us to crave unhealthy foods in order to satisfy our cravings. Dr. Michael Allen’s book really gets to the root of how toxic hunger causes you to gain weight and become obese. He explains how you can get rid of your cravings and feel good about yourself. This book really opened up my understanding of diet and nutrition and how it can affect you as a person. If you are looking for a great weight loss book, I highly recommend this one.

The last of the three books we will discuss today is called “The omnivore’s guide to healthy eating.” This is a cookbook that really hit the spot for me. It not only gives great advice on how to eat more whole foods, but also shares with you some of the most delicious plant based foods you can make at home. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, especially if you are a fan of tasty recipes.